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Exclusive Creations

Juergens & Co. Edition services offer exclusive
creations for presentation boxes, portfolios,
proposals, stationery and menus. Visit Juergens & Co.
for an Edition consultation and explore your
style, size and theme options for creating the perfect
box, portfolio, proposal, stationery or menu that will
exceed your expectations and requirements.


The perfect
Presentation in
three steps.


Exclusive creations, custom
designed, engineered and handcrafted for your
unique presentation requirements.
Boxes, binders and books with individualised
closures, bindings and insert options
for the ultimate in style.


Standard, square or custom sized
boxes, folders and books.
Edition design consultants explore all options
to deliver the greatest impact in
creating a perfect fit for all occasions.



Handcrafted in premium woven 100% cotton
and cotton blend binding cloths,
speciality papers, luxury bonded leathers,
veneered timbers, matt and gloss acrylics,
metal finishes and exclusive fabric prints for
quality beyond compromise.